Thursday, 27 November 2008

Visit To Ham House

We went as a group to visit Ham House, the location the play will be performed. the first reaction i had was awe in a way at how beautiful the house was, and a keen interest in the history of the house. The next reaction i had was shock at how small the performing space is. I found it incredibly hard in the first half of the visit to envisage the performance in this small space and struggled to see how there would be space for the actors and the puppets. We then went up the stairs to the balcony and started brainstorming ideas of how this could be used in the production. Creativity escaped me at this point, i think because i had had a busy day and tiredness was beginning to creep in, but on my journey home i started to think about how the balcony could be used and came up with a few ideas like for example, material could be stretched over the top of the balcony and projections could be transmitted from below, or maybe material could be draped down to give the children the idea that they are under the sea during the tempest. However i did not get the chance to give my ideas to the group as the time that was arranged for everyone to meet together was during periods that i have to be at work. This was also the time when the puppets were being created for the performance, and positions of responsibility were being decided. As a result of this i was not able to be involved in making the puppets, however, i became responsible for costume, and in particular costuming one character, Trinculo.

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