Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Evaluating Costume Making

All in all i thoroughly enjoyed the experience of making the costume. i didn't feel under any particular pressure because i started the costume quite early. i felt very positive about putting in a lot of time and effort into it because i could see the result of my hard work as i went along which kept me going. there was only one point when making the costume when i felt like giving up and this is when i was sewing the stripes onto the trousers. This was a very tricky job and i was doing it towards the end of a long day, luckily, just as i was about to give up i realised i was on the last stripe which kept me going. I think i made the costume well, and i think part of the reason i was good at this is because i enjoyed it so much, and therefore i put in a lot of effort. With a little help from Tina i feel i produced a fun and exciting costume which suited the character and acted as an asset to the actor and i was very proud of myself!

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