Sunday, 7 December 2008

Puppet Making

The next task was to make an exact replica of the costume, but in miniture for the puppet of Trinculo. Tina cut out the pattern for the puppets trousers and top and i used bondaweb to attach the patterns onto them, i then handstiched the clothes onto the puppet using gathering to bring in the trousers at the bottom and top, and to pull in the neck at the top to make the puppet look neat and believable. The next task was to make the hat for both the man, and the puppet. I cut a strip off the bottom of the hat and glued it to the puppet, i then used a gathering stitch to pull in the hat at the top. With the hat for the actor, i stiched up the hem at the bottom of the hat, then used another gathering stitch to bring in the top of the hat. I enjoyed making the costume for the puppet because it was the first time i had seen the outfit on a person, or puppet as it were, and was impressed and proud of my work.

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