Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Evaluation of the group

I didn't really feel like part of a group until the weekend of the show because i did a fairly solitary project for the show. in the beginning of the process we decided to take one rehearsal each to go to, at the time i thought that this was a good idea, however when it got to the first show, i hadn't seen it the whole way through so it was difficult to know what i was doing. We also arranged to meet weekly and say what had been going on during rehearsals, but that never really happened. Also some messages got waylaid or lost in translation so i think our communication in the group could have been better. for example i got the message that because i was doing Friday morning, i wouldn't need to be there on Thursday night. However, when i arrived on Friday morning, i found out that in fact everyone was supposed to be there on Thursday night because it was a technical rehearsal. next time when I'm working in a group i think that communication will be key, it's very important to know what's going on, and more importantly where you need to be and at what time!
I feel that there was also a sort of hostility in the group as two of us weren't available to make puppets and because of that i felt the group thought we weren't pulling our weight. i can't speak for the other person, but i know that after making the costume for Trinculo and adjusting Miranda's corset i definitely put the same amount of time in as everyone else, if not more. I think we could have felt like a group a bit more, and maybe some group bonding would have been a good idea.
All in all i feel that we really could have worked harder to be more of a group and feel like a group, but we did pull the show off in the end, and Stef and I definitely worked well together on the show, where it is very important to work as a team. I feel my experience of working in devising groups and on devised work has taught me how important it is to feel like a team. If there is one thing we could have improved upon during this process it would be our teamwork.

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