Sunday, 7 December 2008

Practice Day at Ham House

Today was the first day that the actors and the tech crew got to go into the house to practice. i joined the group at the second half of their technical rehearsal. It was my job to operate the spotlight during the show that was needed to light Ariel. This was the first time i had seen the actors in all their costumes acting out their parts. this was a very exciting moment for me, and a very proud moment as it was more importantly, the first time i had seen Trinculo in the finished costume. I never thought that i could achieve something as big as this and was thrilled to see the actor enjoying the costume, and playing up her character in it. Unfortunately, on the day there were some organisational problems with our group and as it had been arranged that i was to leave at 1 o'clock, i organised a theatre visit for later that afternoon. Unfortunately on the morning one person from the group had a family emergency, so i agreed to stay on for an hour and a half in the hope the the person dong the afternoon shift would be able to come in early. Unfortunately that person didn't turn up at all, this was a running theme throughout the process of the shows rehearsal, and costume meetings. For the next time i work in a group i think the organisation will be high on my agenda. It's important for everyone in the group to pull their weight r the group becomes unsettled, and less like a group, more like individuals.

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